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So… Why Living in Majorca?

It’s a simple equation: An idealistic landscape surrounds us, so forget the troubles and hardships and see everything through a positive light!

Why not take advantage of our wisdom and expertise? To live in Majorca that means relish and delight in:

  • A glowing sunrise in “Sierre de Tramutana”
  • Sunset by a dreamy bay
  • Mediterranean stone pines, olive, orange and lemon trees in the valleys
  • Miles of unique, breathtaking views over land and sea
  • Quaint and beautiful authentic villages
  • Impressive yachts, tranquil promenades under palms, boats by the fisherman’s harbour
  • Urban elegance in a stylish atmosphere within historical boundaries, from pillar bordered patios to sunlit terraces in a cosmopolitan city -  the Balearic “Palma de Majorca”

The catering on the island also brings heavenly experiences: 4 (Michelin-) stars for Majorca! From the Tapas-bars and Pizzerias along the harbour, to the classy hotel restaurants. Within mountainous surroundings lies an elegant and romantic city by the water, with gourmet promises to entice your appetite from the islands typical culinary delights. With the various Mediterranean cuisine – Majorca-Spanish, sophisticated French, Italian, Asian or oriental inspired – restaurants, there is more than enough here to satisfy your appetite.

The animation, excitement, and also equilibrium in Majorca, remains for everybody to enjoy all year round. Sunbathing and relaxing or active and adventurous holidays – in water, land and air! The climate conditions of the island are ideal for numerous sports and activities – cycle in winter through the empty roads, past the flowering almond trees. Golf on the various wonderfully located sites, sail in the quiet bays or take flight in a balloon! Surf the surf! Hike or even climb your way through professional routes in nature reserved areas; amidst the impressive mountains of Majorca. Trace the culture through the numerous historical places and museums, or shop until your hearts content!

A wide range of art, culture and education offers the beautiful on-coast-located metropolis Palma de Majorca.

There is no denying that Majorca is a wonderful place for living and working with its versatile domestic culture – stylish, authentic, comfortable – meeting your individual needs and wishes. Besides homelike, not only is the Mediterranean attitude towards life reflective of the apartments and houses, your live is amongst impressive scenery and provide an unforgettable framework.

It’s easy to fall in love with Majorca… and to achieve it too! Not much more than 2 hours flight away from the most of European capitals, you could say Majorca is virtually accessible by a “sky-lift” there and back! With affordable flight tariffs and daily direct connections from many european cities – from a monetary point of view, Majorca is an enticing and exciting alternative.

So in any case properties in Majorca gain in value.

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